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This information was contributed by Nathan, one of the Cool Kids from The Grove Bike Co. (2021)

If you’re looking for a fun get away from the stress of everyday life, why not give Essex county a shot? With so much to see and do, you will not be disappointed (we promise).

Grab a coffee and start off your day right.

Why not start enjoying your morning chillin' in the cool breezes at Colchester Harbour? A walk at Colchester Beach is sure to lift your spirits anyday.

Ok, after working on your mind and spirit (and maybe a tan), it's time to hit the road.

Time to take one of THE GROVE BIKE CO. amazing eBikes for a spin. Your pick-up time is here. Grab your ride and hop on the Chrysler Canada Greenway, a fantastic trail that lets you enjoy the simplicity of rural farmland and green expanse as far as they eye can see. Take some time to stop at one of the fabulous wineries along the way for some tasting and shopping for some vino.

Time to grab some grub. You can follow the Greenway Trail into Kingsville (about an hour ride) where there is a myriad of choices for lunch. There are so many offerings it's hard to say our favourite. Some of the most popular recommendations are the Koi Sushi, The Grove Brew House, The Main Grill & Ale House, Jack’s Gastropub or Mettawas Station Mediterranean, which is right along the Greenway Trail. What's your favourite?

Try something new. If you’ve still got some time after lunch, head on over to Kingsville Social for some axe-throwing, superbowling, or escape room fun! If that isn’t quite your cup of tea, you must give Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens a try! They’ve got plants (boy, do they have plants), but they also have plenty of other interesting things to fill the remainder of your day like a petting zoo, indoor mini golf, and a gift shop.

So, these are just a couple suggestions for those who may be new to the area or those of you who never took the time to explore - there are plenty of hidden gems that deserve to be discovered! Get out and explore. Just remember that time flies when you’re having fun so don't be late returning your bike rental.

Come experience all that Essex county has to offer. We’ve really and truly have something for everyone!

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